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This is the time of the greatest harvest the world has ever seen. In contrast to what the spirit of the world is saying, God’s kingdom trajectory is increase. The dominion of Jesus is expanding worldwide. The fields are literally white, ready to be reconciled to the Father,

reunited with the family of God. Now is the time, this is the day!

Prior to my last trip to Thailand in November I had a unusual vision. In the vision I was walking down a dirt lane, the sun setting in the distance. This is where the vision got weird. I was walking hand in hand with a giant embryo towering over me. It was such a weird juxtaposition of images I had to ask the Lord, is that really You? I asked, what does this mean? Then I heard the Spirit clearly say, “I am birthing something new. It’s huge!!” Then, with emphasis He added, “and I want you to walk with it.”

For sometime now I have been hearing many speak of the billion soul harvest. During the past few months I have also been alerted to two very significant prophetic words from two highly respected men of God. First, Rob Pirkle and the Thai prophetic team that works with him have been seeing the “apple tree revival” word shared by Bob Jones several years ago actually unfolding in front of them as revival has spread in Thailand. In that word Bob speaks of an unprecedented season of harvest. Secondly, I recently read a word given by Kenneth Hagin about the coming move of God that also emphasized an unprecedented harvest of souls before the return of Christ to be led by an army of fully equipped but otherwise ordinary men and women of God. Both of these men emphasized that love working through faith would be a hallmark of this move.

As I meditated on these words I became aware of Jesus’ instruction to ask the Lord of the harvest to send workers into the harvest field. To see a billion soul harvest will require a huge number of apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelist. The army that is being raised up will be fully equipped and fully functioning in the gifts of the Spirit required to reap, to steward and to exponentially multiply the great harvest.

I have set my focus on what I believe is my assignment in this end-time move of God—raising up and equipping an army of apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelist for the work of ministry. Multiple doors have opened to Carol and I to serve as spiritual mother and father to some amazing young adults that are now stepping into their prophetic destiny. This is a humbling honor and we don’t take it lightly. At a time in life when otherwise I would be slowing down and considering retirement I am once again hearing the Lord say, “GO!”

To that end, I will be traveling to Thailand in August for 10 days of travel to strategic ministry groups in key cities to encourage and equip them for the season of kingdom increase that they have actually already entered. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us in this ministry of revival, equipping and harvest. To go, we must be sent. Your part in this is vital. The gift of giving is just as important in building the Body of Christ as any of the gifts. The move of God goes forward as each individual supplies their part.

Think of it, a billion soul harvest!! Millions of apostles, pastors, teachers and evangelist equipping the whole Body of Christ to reveal His glory in all the earth. This is the season of kingdom increase!

To partner with us in my ministry to Thailand please send your gifts to our ministry address: Global Outreach International Ministries

P.O. Box 79241 Fort Worth, Texas 76179

Or to give online

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