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Revival News


God is moving powerfully in this nation that is more than 90% Buddhist. There kingdom network of pastors, leaders and churches established by Breakthrough Nations is continuing to grow and mature into the fulfillment of the prophetic words that revival and kingdom glory will spread to every province. 

Myanmar (Burma)

David Aung Kyaw Htwe has established a foster care home for children at risk for human trafficking called Shalom House. David started by himself just taking kids into his home. The ministry has grown to over 40 kids under his kids now. The remarkable thing about David's ministry is that he has led the children, many of the teenagers now, to follow Jesus. The have grown up in an atmosphere permeated with the Holy Spirit and focused on spreading the gospel to their nation. While they have been taught educational and life skills, they have also grown in the Lord and have a passion for Jesus in worship and in proclaiming the Good News.

Recently David has taken a team made up of the older children on trips into the rugged  and remote mountain areas that are dominated by animist and buddhist villages. With worship and healing miracles leading the way, they have preached the message of Jesus Christ in villages that have never allowed missionaries before. At least 14 previously animist villages are now open to the gospel and establishing churches from the new believers. AND ALL THIS HAS HAPPENED IN THE MIDST OF A NATION RACKED BY CIVIL WAR!

Itinerary for Larry & Carol Taylor


Abode Church

June 10-12

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