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When God breaks through the barrier and breaks out against the enemy

There is a "pent up flood" of the Holy Spirit waiting to be released as a rushing might torrent to sweep away all barriers and all resistance. As the dam breaks, the flood of God's glory is released at full flood stage. All who are near are caught up in the current and swept into prophetic destiny.

This rushing mighty river brings life and restoration, not death and destruction. There is healing in its waters for the nations. There is reconciliation released and deliverance manifest as captives are set free. There is a purity and holiness that comes by the washing go the water of His Word. The empowering presence of God gushes up from the innermost being of every believer.

In this flood The Body of Christ is healed, the unity of the Spirit is manifested, signs wonders and miracles confirm the preaching of The Word. The lost are saved, the sick are healed, the captives are set free, but most importantly, Jesus Christ is magnified. Jesus gets really big. He fills our hearts, our thoughts, our speech. Revival is all about Jesus getting real!

The global expansion of His kingdom is advancing precisely according to His timetable. The kings and rulers of this world are being orchestrated for His purposes to be revealed. The principalities, powers and dominions are being positioned for the final show down.

The Church is arising, fully armed and equipped. Empowered by The Holy Spirit, filled with love and zeal. The purified, refined and spotless Bride of Christ is emerging. The flood is here! The glory is filling His temple and the latter house is greater than the former.


References: 2 Samuel 5:17-25; Isaiah 59:19 NIV; Revelation 22:1-2 & Ezekiel 47:1-12; Ephesians 5:27

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