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Let's Stop Talking About Revival

Let's talk about returning to our first love, Jesus.

Let's talk about the fire, passion and zeal released in a fresh encounter with Holy Spirit.

Let's talk about eyes of compassion that see the masses of humanity like sheep wandering without a shepherd.

Let's talk about being compelled to preach the gospel because of the life changing power we have experienced.

Let's talk about not being able to stop sharing Jesus even when threatened with being ostracized from friends, family, culture and religious institutions.

Let's talk about being so filled with the reality of Jesus that every thing He did on earth we do too.

Let's talk about walking in a flow of revelation that empowers us to only do what we see our Father doing and only say what we hear our Father saying.

Let's talk about 5,000 people being saved in one day.

Let's talk about the lame walking, the blind seeing, the deaf hearing, oppressed of the devil set free.

Let's talking about hearts being healed and relationships being restored.

Let's talk about the body of Christ fully equipped and fully functioning.

Let's talk about no one having an unmet need in their lives because of the love we have for one another.

Let's talk about cities, leaders and government officials so impacted by the spread of the gospel that it can't be ignored

Let's talk about Jesus until everyone one is talking about Jesus.

Let's stop talking about revival, LET'S HAVE IT!

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