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An Unseasonable Season


1. a: exceeding usual limits : SURPASSING b: extending or lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience c: being beyond the limits of all possible experience and knowledge

2: being beyond comprehension

3: transcending the universe or material existence

In Texas we are experiencing “unseasonably” cool and wet weather. Based on past experience we should be well into summer temperatures. Vegetation is a deep green and lush when normally the heat of early summer is causing the grass to brown.

Past experiences and patterns are an inadequate guide in a season that is unseasonable. Today I am acutely aware that we are in an “unseasonable” spiritual season. Fortunately, the Spirit of God is continually operating in realms outside our “normal.” He knows how to navigate “unseasonable” seasons because that’s His realm, His territory.

When faced with a hungry crowd Jesus fed 5,000 with one kids sack lunch.

When faced with a gale force storm on the water Jesus walked on the waves, then He spoke to them to cease to calm the fears of the anxious and terrorized disciples in the boat.

Today, Jesus still takes our meager offerings and turns them into over abundant provision. He is unrestricted by our storms. He exercises His unlimited power to deliver the sons and daughters from dangerous and destructive forces attempting to overwhelm our emotions and bring confusion to our minds.

Scripture warns of a time of unprecedented upheaval in the earth, a time of deception that is so great even “the elect” would be deceived if that were possible. A time of shaking that will rattle the very foundations of culture, economies and the governments of nations. Fear that causes men’s hearts to fail. Falling away from truth and following lies and manipulative demonic leaders.

But those who are built on the foundation of revealed truth will not be shaken. The oppressive darkness will not extinguish the light of His glory emanating from His pure and spotless bride. The oppressive burden of guilt, shame, fear, unbelief and doubt will be removed from those who live and move and breathe in His Spirit.

His people disentangled from the restraints of legalistic dead religion, the fear of men and the lusts of the flesh will soar to new heights on the wind of His Spirit.

Daniel 11:32 says:

We will “Do exploits”

Daniel 12:3 says:

We will… “lead many to righteousness”

We will “shine with insight”

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